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DigiMan Diagnostic Workstation

Scalable PACS for efficient medical image processing and communication.

DigiMan Diagnostic Workstation - a Picture Archiving and Communication System provides efficient storage and convenient access to all types of medical images. DigiMan Diagnostic Workstation has been specifically developed for medical imaging in radiology. The new viewer concept enables a highly efficient workflow. The first images can already be processed during upload.

All remaining images are uploaded in the background without affecting system performance. All functions for image editing are applicable even on very large sets of images at maximum speed. The radiologist gets a selection of powerful tools for mammography and 3D image editing.

DigiMan Diagnostic Workstation PACS thus provides additional possibilities for evaluating medical images.

DigiMan Diagnostic Workstation


DigiMan Robot Manager is able to receive medical data and to create DICOM conform media. The CDs, DVDs or BDs can be burned fully automatically using a suitable CD/DVD/BD robot. The individually designed label is printed automatically by the printer in the robot. You get a multimedia disk fulfilling the various demands of your medical practice or hospital as well as the

strict requirements for a DICOM conform patient medium:

  • Patient CD to be handed out to the patient or referring physician
  • Multi patient medium for consistency tests by associations of statutory health insurance physicians
  • Backup medium 

DigiMan Robot Manager receives the images from the modalities or workstations by TCP/IP DICOM. Furthermore, results in DICOM SR format can be queried from a PACS and added to the medium.

The stack of blank media can be inserted into input tray of the robot. The robot takes the media one by one, burns the data, prints the label and moves the finished media into the collection tray.

A client (web) user interface enables users from any computer within a network to check the status of the DigiMan Robot Manager and of current burning jobs.

DigiMan® Robot Manager


DigiMan DICOM Print Manager allows the user to process the same print job on different DICOM printers or Windows printers. The DICOM print jobs are received from the DICOM modalities or workstations, administrated, and emitted page by page corresponding to the capability of the used printer. Print jobs can also be buffered and redirected. Thus, the DICOM Print Manager prevents that print jobs are cancelled and lost because of a capacity overload of the printer. DICOM paper print helps significantly to reduce costs.

DigiMan® DICOM Print Manager


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